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General FAQs

Do you keep any log files?

NO, you can expect 100% privacy. We do not track or log user’s downloaded files. We do not log which internal port (Yours) connects to which system on the external port.

Do your services support magnet links?

Of course! Both our torrent proxy services and VPN are fully compatible with downloading magnet links

Does Your Service Support UDP trackers?

Yes. Our admins  deprive themselves of sleep to ensure our servers are configured to work with all UDP trackers.

Does work with both Mac & PC?

YES. While 90% of all Torrent Clients are currently made for Windows, any Torrent Client that has a Mac OS version that has a Socks V5 option will work for our torrent proxy. Mac fully supports pptp VPN’s and our web based TorrentCloud Seedbox WebUI.  Click here for our list of supported Torrent Clients and which operating system works. The list is growing every day.